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Knowing sake means connecting with Japanese culture

Sake School Osaka

Has been providing an educational sake tasting course with a certified sake sommelier since 2013.
You will be loaded with knowledge on sake and Japanese culture while enjoying sake tastings.
Sake is one of our most traditional cultural assets, and k
nowing sake means understanding Japan.
Welcome to the world of sake.


*日本人の方へ* コロナの影響により現在講習会は休止しております。

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Koji -Magic of the nature-

What's SMV of sake?

Sake, Shochu, Awamori?

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There aren’t many Sake courses, and my course is the only one that a Japanese sake specialist teaches sake.

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A new global standard

Sake is a fermented alcoholic beverage. Wine, beer, mead, and sake are all “fermented or brewed alcoholic beverages.”  The fermentation of sake is somewhat similar to that of beer,  but people enjoy sake like wine. It is becoming a popular drink all around the world.  Learn more…


2019 Sake School Graduates

Master Sake Basics in 60 min


*6 different types of sake 
Learning Types of Sake (fresh/dry/aromatic/rich 
etc.) with small dishes for pairing
How to taste/enjoy sake
Classifications of sake
Warm sake experience
Ingredients of sake
How to make sake
History of sake
Current status of sake in and outside Japan

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